Positive Community Relations are vital to the successful transition and wellbeing of our participants, thus encouraging us, as individuals as well as an agency, in the ongoing process of service evaluation. Our individual, corporate, and community actions directly impact the services we are providing for our participants, and no matter how good those services are we recognize that there will always be a need for ongoing improvement in meeting the needs of ever changing population and community.

Our Community Relations has three primary goals:

Community Relations is a two way dynamic. Reality House presenting the community with our corporate vision and mission; in the process of inclusion we present our aspirations and programming, incorporate their assessments, and reevaluate results in a dynamic progression and continual dialog and upgrade of services. This is done regularly through our involvement with area organizations, in evaluation workshops, and presences on community panels.

The purpose of our Community Relations program is to ensure that Reality House Programs, Inc. is actively and continually providing services of benefit to our community as well as interacting and supporting other agencies in their efforts to meet the needs of our community. Our current interaction with the community is extensive. It is the responsibility of the Reality House Executive Director, with oversight from the CRAB, to ensure that community relation activities are maintained and see positive growth.

Current and ongoing activities include:


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