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Issue 2 | Volume I | December 2015

What is the PMI House?

Positive Motivation Inc.: Then and Now

PMI opened in 1983 when Jefferson City volunteers bought a house with funding from the Missouri Department of Corrections to run a halfway house and treatment center. In 2003, the Reality House Programs, Inc. assumed operational control of PMI and conducted outpatient treatment services for the Boone County Alternative Sentencing courts here until 2011.  PMI is now a transitional housing facility that provides shelter for up to 10 adult males.  Its proximity to downtown and access to public transportation are desirable attributes to the clientele that PMI serves.  In 2010, the house was renovated to make the entire first floor more efficient as well as accessible to persons with disabilities. One of the main objectives of Reality House, Inc. is to increase services to homeless persons seeking treatment, employment, and stable housing.  With PMI, the housing component is in place for clients so that they can focus on employment and treatment.

PMI rent costs vary.  A double room, one shared with a roommate, cost $9.00 a day, or between $270 or $279 most monthly.  A single room costs $12 a day or between $360 to $327 monthly.  Residents must have their first two weeks rent upon their move-in date, which is not a security deposit, but will be their first two weeks rent payment. Residents are required to have 30 days clean and sober upon their move-in date and attend 1 recovery meeting a week.  PMI has a zero tolerance policy for drug use, drug possession and paraphernalia, weapons, and violence.

New Renovations for Positive Motivation Inc.!

PMI Renovations are almost complete!  All of the renovations were funded through Community Services Block Grant Program, a program that offers grants to reduce poverty, revitalize low-income communities, and to empower low-income families and individuals to become self-sufficient. 

The 1st floor renovations were completed in 2013 and include making the parking lot more accessible, making the first floor room handicap accessible.  The second floor renovations, almost complete now, include new flooring, drop ceilings, wall repairs, new doors, and bathroom updates.  When these renovations are complete, PMI will have 10 rooms total, with six on the second floor, one handicap accessible room on the first floor, and three on the third floor.

Know someone who would be a good fit for PMI? Provide any qualifying clients with the application.

What We Offer:

To learn more about our inpatient, outpatient, or recovery house resources contact: Phone: 573-864-0008

Our Offender Treatment Philosophy

At Reality House Programs, Inc. our core philosophy is that thoughts, feelings and behaviors combine to influence an offender’s quality of life.  One of our treatment goals is to help offenders to change unhelpful or unhealthy thinking habits, feelings and behaviors.  

We strive to teach them that it is possible to have control over their thoughts, feelings and behaviors, to help the person to challenge and overcome automatic beliefs and use practical strategies to change or modify their behavior.  The result is more positive feelings, which in turn leads to more positive thoughts and behaviors.

What is PREA?

PREA and Reality House Programs, Inc

PREA is the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003.  It is the first United States federal law passed addressing the sexual assault of any federal, state, or local confinement facility.  This includes temporary lock-ups and jail overflow housing, like Reality House Programs, Inc. (RHP). 

The Act made data on prison rape more available to correctional facilities and their administrators and developed national standards to prevent sexual assault incidents.  Community confinement employees are trained in detecting and responding to signs of threatened sexual abuse, avoiding inappropriate relationships with residents, how to detect, communicate, and investigate effectively. 

The law mandates a “zero tolerance” for all forms of resident sexual abuse and harassment.   For more information regarding Reality House Programs, Inc policy,  go to or, go to



Staff Member Spotlight: Robert Brubeck

Robert Brubeck began working at Reality Programs Inc. (RHP) in September 2008.  He is a Certified Reciprocal Alcohol Drug Counselor (CRADC) with his Bachelor Degree in Social Work from Columbia College.  Brubeck is currently in the Masters program at the University of Missouri for Social Work, while also working full time. 

A former client of RHP and Drug Court participant, Brubeck is not only academically qualified, but has his own experiences in addiction and redemption.  Through his hard work and dedication, he has become a well-known face of the Drug Court program.  In his free time, Brubeck enjoys spending time with his wife, children, grandchildren, and dogs.  He is also a member of a clean and sober motorcycle club called New Breed Motorcycle Club.

Job Openings: Security Officer 1


Internships or Volunteering

Do you desire experience in restorative justice, offender treatment, or case management?  Do you have an interest in substance abuse treatment or the criminal justice system?  Looking to give back to your community?  Look no further!  Contact Reality House today.


Equal employment opportunities exist for all positions.  Full consideration will be given to the recruitment, hiring, placement, retention, training, and advancement, of women, members of minority groups, disabled veterans, and qualified individuals with disabilities who, with or without reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of the job in question.