Solutions Focused Programs For Courts:

Courts have an obligation to uphold the law.  They are responsible for the protection of the community and making decisions about the placement and needs of each particular offender.  Reality House Programs offers a number of different programs that potentially give the courts more options for sentencing.  Whether the offender who is low risk, and needs minimal intervention (needing to pay required restitution and court fees and must complete their sentence) or higher risk with longer criminal histories (needing monitoring, sanctions, mandates and controls).  Reality House Programs is able to provide correctional programming, case management, and treatment services specific to the court need. 

For the low risk offender Reality House Programs has program options for Work Release, Diversion Court services (Drug Court, Mental Health Court, DWI Court, On Track).  Substance Abuse and Mental Health treatment, as well asTransitional Housing services are also available.

For the higher risk categories offenders, with the longer criminal histories and longer sentencing options, Reality House Programs, Inc. has program options for reentry and probation and parole services for the Missouri Department of Corrections, Federal Bureau of Prison and United States Probation Office offenders.